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What Is Ceramic Coating, and Why Should You Use It for Car Cleaning

You want your car to look as glamourous as it did when you bought it. So, you wash it regularly and apply a new coat of wax periodically, but stains and chips don’t seem to go away. Even worse, water spots, grime, and dirt start clinging to your car a few hours after giving it a thorough wash. So, what do you do as a car enthusiast? Give up washing your vehicle and leave it to rust away? 

The good news is there is a product that can change this narrative. And that is the ceramic coating, which can add substantial value to your car when done by a professional. 

The coating is applied on the exterior of your vehicle, bonding with the factory paint to create a layer of protection. This guards your vehicle against harmful UV damage, improves cleaning ability, reduces chemical stains, and gives your vehicle hydrophobic properties. And although ceramic coating won’t stop the need for a car wash or protect it from scratches, it’s definitely worth your money an investment that adds value to your car. 

In this post, I’ll take you through the ceramic coating, including what it is, its benefits, what it can’t do, how to choose the proper ceramic coating dealer for your car and more.

Let’s get started!

What Is The Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic paint is a liquid polymer applied to the exterior of your vehicle. The coating bonds with your car’s factory paint, creating a layer of protection. Ceramic painting is made of silicon dioxide, obtained from natural materials like sand and quartz. A ceramic coating protects your vehicle’s paint from UV rays, etching, and chemical stains when done by a pro. 

Some brands also use titanium dioxide as an additional hardening agent. The coating bonds with your car’s factory paint, creating hydrophobic properties protecting your vehicle from water spots, dirt, and other debris materials. Learn more here.

It’s important to note that ceramic coating isn’t a substitute for Paint Protection Film. Instead, it’s a premium wax alternative that creates a semi-permanent or permanent bond with your car’s paint, saving you the hassle of repeated application. 

Why Is It Important to Maintain a Ceramic Coating?

One of the common questions asked by car owners is why a car ceramic coating needs maintenance. Many individuals assume they don’t have to wash the car anymore after applying a 9H ceramic or DIY coating – apparently because of the self-cleaning attributes.

But let’s set things straight: a ceramic coated car doesn’t “clean itself.” Instead, the coating makes the top layer slippery – better than a standard wax. In turn, this gives your car a hydrophobic property, where water, dirt, dust, and other debris slide off with little effort. But your car needs to be cleaned by a ceramic paint pro to maintain its glittering appearance. 

Why ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating provides its users with innumerable benefits, ranging from protection from stains to improved ease of cleaning. Other than the obvious, here are several reasons to get a ceramic coating for your car:

  • Protection from harmful UV rays
  • Protection from chemical stains
  • It keeps your vehicle looking great
  • Enhanced hydrophobic properties
  • Candy-like gloss 
  • Cost-effective

As discussed below, despite its many benefits, ceramic coating can’t protect your vehicle from several things.

Things that ceramic coating can’t do

Ceramic coating is excellent, especially if done by a professional. But there are a few things that the coating does not promise to do for you, including:

  • Protection from scratches
  • Stop the need for car wash

So, if the coating can’t help you with these things, is it still worth it? Let’s see below:

Is ceramic coating worth it?

The short answer for this common question is yes. Ceramic coating has great benefits, including protecting and adding value to your vehicle. When done by a professional, the coating will make your job of cleaning and maintaining your car less tedious.

Generally, weighing the cost of ceramic coating against yearly waxing and maintenance makes it a no-brainer.  Next article here.

Ceramic coating installation

The ceramic coating comes in different types, quality, durability, and installation procedure. Each type of coating is made for different users, depending on their needs.

Generally, car owners can choose between two types of ceramic coating installation, as discussed below:

Professionally installed coating

A certified dealer installs this type of coating at a cost. The product itself is a commercial grade, resulting in a more complicated application processasking for more prep work, and taking longer to cure. The result, however, is assured protection of your vehicle for years to come. 

Professional ceramic coating dealers will complete everything for you, from removing swirl marks to washing, polishing, and installation services. Most of them will even offer aftercare services to ensure the durability of your car’s spiffy appearance. 

So, with so many options available, how do you choose the right ceramic coating service provider? Here are a few factors to consider:

  • Cost
  • Warranty
  • Experience of the dealers
  • How they will take care of your car when you’re away

However, the cost factor shouldn’t worry you much as cost translates to quality and durability. 

  • The DIY ceramic coating

This is a nano-coating that’s made easier for car owners to install. The product is not as concentrated as the pro-grade coating and offers a semi-permanent layer of protection. This product will give your car a showroom shine but won’t protect it for too long. 

Final thoughts

Ask any car enthusiast, and they’ll all tell you the same thing: ceramic coatings are a blessing. This is especially true when you have a professional detailer install the coating for you. The coating protects your vehicle from UV light, dirt, and etching, keeping it in a tip-top shape. This adds value and class to your car. 

So, you have decided to get a ceramic coating on your vehicle. It’s a smart step towards offering the most effective and modern method of paint protection for your car. Find a pro to do the job for you for assured durability.

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