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The Top 5 Commercial Window Tinting Benefits

Top 5 Commercial Window Tinting Benefits

When it comes to business facility upgrades, many business owners forget that commercial windowing tinting is an option. With many upgrades and renovations to spend on, choosing smart investments with lots of benefits comes to the top of the list. At Perfect Reflections Window Tint, we believe the worthwhile benefits of commercial window tinting are worth consideration for all businesses.

Commercial window tinting has various benefits in exploring commercial locations. In this article, we’ll explore the top 5 commercial window tinting benefits to consider. These benefits may change your thinking and encourage you to explore commercial windowing tinting options yourself!

What is Commercial Window Tinting?

A window tint for a commercial window involves adding a thin film to your existing windows. There are various kinds of commercial window tinting, but they all involve darkening the windows to some extent. With many options and styles to choose from, you can choose if you want a slight tint or more moderate tinting for your windows.

Top 5  Commercial Window Tinting Benefits

  1. Privacy

Perhaps the most obvious advantage of commercial window tinting is the privacy it provides.  For people outside the building, window tinting reduces inside visibility by darkening the glass. Depending on the nature of your business or industry, this added privacy can be beneficial for everyone involved in your business. 

Employees and workers will enjoy enhanced privacy without feeling like every passerby is watching them. In addition, clients and customers may enjoy this additional privacy in certain industries, that involve meetings or personal matters. In addition to privacy from the outside, some types of commercial window tinting can help glass from shattering.

  1. Reduce Glare

Commercial window tinting is also beneficial to help reduce glare. Depending on the location of your building, sun and light may come in forcefully. Window films help reduce the amount of bright light coming in, thereby reducing glare. This makes it easier for everyone to see, including staff and customers. 

No one enjoys the uncomfortable feeling of squinting your eyes while trying to perform a task! Commercial window tinting can help create a more comfortable environment and prevent strained eyes at certain points throughout the day. Squinting or glaring could also potentially slow down the productivity levels of your employees. When the sun is facing your building directly, you’ll be glad to have commercial window tinting to lessen the effects of the bright sun!

  1. Protection from UV Rays

Many skin conditions and skin cancers are linked to harmful UV rays from too much sun exposure. Adding commercial window tinting can help prevent your staff and customers from harmful rays. Although it may seem counterintuitive, you don’t need to be outside to be exposed to UV rays. UV rays can travel through glass, including the glass in cars, homes, and commercial businesses.

Prolonged exposure to harmful UV rays has been linked to skin cancer and premature aging. For staff spending prolonged periods in your building, this potential daily exposure comes with risk. Commercial window tinting can help protect the skin of everyone coming into your commercial location.

  1. Enhanced Curb Appeal for your Location

Commercial window tinting can completely transform the look of your building. In turn, this could help enhance your success as a business. Window tinting for commercial buildings helps enhance the outside appearance, providing a sleek and professional appearance. Depending on the type of business or industry, this enhanced, sleek appearance may be better suited for your business.

Various types of commercial window tinting are available to choose from. Choose through the many styles and types of window films to help personalize the look of your building and set yourself apart from the competition. Commercial window tinting can help make a positive impact on first-time clients approaching your building, as well as give the impression that you’re professional and experienced.

  1. Energy Savings

Another great advantage of commercial window tinting is the ability to help you reduce energy costs. In addition to an enhanced outside appearance, window tints help reduce your energy costs. The heat of the sun can quickly make its way into your building, requiring the use of extra air conditioning. 

Window tints are especially beneficial during the summer when the temperatures are high outside. The window tinting can help to keep your building cooler throughout the day, limiting the need to run your air conditioning as frequently. As many business owners know, HVAC expenses can quickly add up, especially during the warm summer months. For buildings with many windows, this is an especially important consideration. Think of the savings you’ll benefit from with darkened windows!

  1. Enhanced Security

Non-tinted glass windows provide a clear line of sight for potential burglars to see inside your building. Adding window films to your commercial property can limit visibility inside the building. For certain industries with expensive products or equipment located inside the building, this enhanced security can be beneficial.

In addition to limiting visibility, window tinting also makes it more difficult for vandalism to occur. Window tinting makes your glass windows impact-resistant and enhances their durability. In turn, this means the windows are less likely to shatter or break. Investing in commercial window tinting can be a smart move to help protect and preserve your business’s assets.

  1. Protect your Belongings

Over time, the sunlight that enters your building can cause wear to show on furniture and other belonging inside the building. This might include fading or damage to carpets, furniture, and other surfaces. To help protect your items, window tinting can limit the amount of sun exposure reaching these items. 

Not only will you preserve the appearance of your belongings, but you’ll help extend their lifespan without having to replace pricy items frequently. For art and wall hangings, the sun exposure can also cause fading and cause the materials used to break down over time.

Types of Commercial Window Tinting 

There are a wide range of window tinting products available for commercial windows.

Ceramic Tints: One type of window tinting, ceramic tinting, is perfect for the commercial property owner who doesn’t want to change the appearance of their building but is looking to help reduce the amount of light coming into the building. Ceramic tinting is great to help save on monthly energy costs and reduce glare into the building.

Reflective Tints: Another type of window tinting available for commercial windows are reflective tints. These types of tints are focused on enhanced privacy, and help to reduce glare. Reflective tints have a mirror-like appearance which provides the optimal level of privacy. In addition, reflective tints are one of the more affordable commercial window tinting options. 

Decorative Tints:  If you’re seeking a new building appearance, decorative tinting may be an option to consider. Decorative tints are popular amongst commercial properties, as they help to offer a sleek and polished curb appeal. There are several shades and designs to choose from. Some options include frosted or vinyl designs.

Chromatic Tint: Chromatic window tinting is like the tinting that is used on eyeglasses. Chromatic tinting is the ultimate option for commercial window tinting. During the day, chromatic tinting helps prevent people inside the building from harmful exposure to the sun’s UV rays. At night, chromatic window tinting becomes clear, with no visible tinting. This popular technology is becoming more popular amongst commercial properties! 

Considering Commercial Window Tinting

Now that you know how many benefits commercial window tinting brings to the table, perhaps you’re considering this addition for your business. From reduced energy costs to enhanced curb appeal, commercial window tinting has many benefits to consider. All around, commercial window tinting is a smart investment for your staff and customers.

Need help determining which type of commercial window tinting is best for your building? Our experts at Perfect Reflections Window Film are here to help. We will work with you to determine which of these types of window tinting help best meet the individual needs of your business.

Interested in learning more about options for commercial window tinting? Contact us today at Perfect Reflections Window Tint to get started.

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