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Residential Window Tint

Residential Window Tint

If you have wondered what you can do to update your home, start with your windows. It can be an affordable way to add a ton of value to your home in a variety of ways. Most people do not even realize that window tinting is possible. They think of window film as strictly for cars. But once you have seen just how much of a difference tinting the windows of your home can make, you will be lining up to get it done.


With protective window tint, robbers and other criminals are unable to see into your home from the outside, which lessens the likelihood of them smashing through your windows to grab your things and run. A good window film also offers additional resistance against ballistics or forced entry. That’s a win/win for safety.


In the event your windows are marked up with paint from a vandal, the film can easily be removed and replaced by one of our techs. You could save hundreds in window replacements that cannot be cleaned or repaired.

Sun Control

Sun control offers a number of benefits. Having tinted film on your windows will prevent glares, stop that annoying bright light that shines in your eyes at certain times of the day, and it will keep your house cooler by preventing hot spots. Further, you can protect your home’s interior from UV damage with the right tinting. Thousands of dollars in air conditioning bills and furniture replacement from sunspots could be saved just with window tinting alone.

Protect Your Privacy With Residential Window Film

You don’t need nosy neighbors or passerby peeking into your windows to see what you’re up to. Keep your home private and personal with residential window tinting. What happens at your dinner table, in your living room, or anywhere else in your house, is your business, and your business alone. Window tinting will guarantee that.

Decorative Tint To Beautify Your Home

Finally, you might just like the look of tinted windows. They show up beautifully both from the inside and the outside. Choose from customized designs that match the decor of your interior and exterior as well as a number of additional decorative options.

Options for Window Tint

At Perfect Reflections Window Film, we’ll send a professional out to your home for a consultation as to which window tint is best for your home and which options you prefer, based on your needs and your aesthetic.

You have much to choose from in terms of your price point and your specific reasons for tinting your residential windows. Our consultants can help you mix and match as well, choosing different tints for different spaces in your home. Call today to discuss the differences among your options.

Ceramic: $12 sq ft

Reflective: $8 sq ft

Decorative $20: $30 sq ft

Custom Vinyl Graphic: $30 sq ft

Chromatic: $125 sq ft

We charge a minimum of $125 for all residences and businesses.

Looking for Dependable Window Tinting Services For Your Home

Contact us at Perfect Reflections Window Film and ask about our many types of Residential Window Film available for all your needs. Our professional installers are ready to give you the look and features you want at a great price. Call us soon for a free quote!

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