More than just a place to view endangered and exotic animals, the Oklahoma City Zoo is also about education, conservation, and restoration. Accessible and friendly to all ages, it’s a perfect oasis to learn about and appreciate the rich diversity of wildlife all around this globe we all share and call home.

Open daily from 9 to 5, the Zoo offers convenient online reservations and discounts for active-duty and retired military personnel. Once there, visitors can tour a multitude of habitats ranging from the American Rockies to the African wilderness. Bears, big cats, elephants, and many other species large, medium, and small live here safely and humanely while helping visitors learn more about how they can help their wild brethren survive and thrive. More great information here.

The activities aren’t just limited to viewing. To promote a broader understanding of wildlife and a deeper investment in their continuing roles in their ecosystems, the Zoo offers several hands-on opportunities to get up close and personal with some of its precious denizens. Just a few examples: feeding flamingos, rhinos, and giraffes; riding on a camel to channel a classic desert experience; and touching stingrays as they cruise about their own special bay.

There are even opportunities for small groups led by experienced guides to explore areas the general public doesn’t see. Such tours bring visitors even closer to animals that symbolize the wild. Iconic North American species such as grizzly bears and bison are among the animals featured, as are species from other continents, including Asian elephants, Indian rhinos, sea lions, and galapagos tortoises. Group sizes are limited to just 10 people, so purchasing tickets in advance is a good idea. VIP safari tours are available as well. Next point of interest here.

To help meet its conservation mission, the zoo offers its Round Up for Conservation program, which is easy to participate in. When someone makes a purchase, there is an option to round the amount up to the nearest dollar (for example, rounding a $10.64 purchase up to $11.00). The difference then goes to conservation programs that aim to stem habitat losses and populations for wildlife all around the globe. The zoo supports several other conservation projects and also offers camps that educate children about wildlife issues and stewardship.

The zoo isn’t just about wildlife, though. On the grounds are also lush botanical gardens. Visit them to enjoy a rich variety of plants and flowers native to habitats vastly different from those native to Oklahoma.

When it’s time for a break and to recharge the batteries, stop by one of the zoo’s restaurants for a diverse array of food choices. Among them are the Lotus Pavilion, which has an Asian theme and can accommodate special events; the Safari Cafe, which in addition to meals offers Starbucks products such as coffees, teas, and a variety of other soft drinks; and the Canopy, with a rainforest atmosphere and optional outside dining. For traditional local fare, there’s the popular Best of Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma City Zoo is more than just a home for animals. It’s an immersion into global habitats and an up-close experience with worldwide wildlife and the challenges they face.



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