Frontier City in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is a western-themed amusement park full of rides and attractions. Keep reading to find points of interest in the park that the whole family will enjoy. Learn more.

Thrill Rides:

  • Brain Drain: The Brain Drain swings you back and forth in suspense before stopping upside down, leaving you dangling over 72 feet in the air!
  • Gunslinger: This ride flips, twists, and spins you at 60 feet in a full circle! 
  • Soaring Eagle: This zipline lifts you nearly 155 feet in the air, and you’ll travel over 1,500 feet across Frontier City.

Family Rides:

  • Frankie’s Mine Train: This coaster is perfect for little riders. There is a kid-sized drop, and a few twists and turns.
  • Grand Carousel: This classic, gently spinning ride is a great family ride. 
  • Ol’ 89er Express: The Ol’ 89er Express is a smooth ride that rolls through the park. This is an ideal ride for families, and gives you a break from all of the wild rides.

Kids Rides:

  • Hootie’s Tree House: This playground doesn’t have any height requirements, making it great for kids of all ages. Climb, slide, and play around!
  • Billy’s Frog Hopper: Climb into this frog and let it hop around in a fun circle. This is perfect for children!
  • Bubba’s Honey Swings: This swing ride is made just for kids! It gently lifts children off of the ground and spins them lightly. 

Water Rides:

  • Renegade Rapids: You’re going to get drenched with this ride! Ride a raft and let the waves and water whip you around! 
  • Mystery River Log Flume: Enjoy sailing along on a peaceful river, followed by a plunge down a waterfall! 


  • Opera House: Don’t miss a variety of shows at the Opera House! The shows change out, but there are shows from musicals to magic shows.
  • Crack Axle Canyon: Crack Axle Canyon has a Wild West Gunfighter Stunt Show, that is “old west style” through and through.

Restaurants & Dining:

  • Best of the West Cafe: This cafe offers plenty of kid-friendly foods, such as cheeseburgers, chicken tenders, fries, and icees. 
  • Buffalo Bill’s: Buffalo Bill’s has the best corn dogs in the park! 
  • Double Barrel: Wanting something a little lighter? Double Barrel has lighter snacks, such as cotton candy and popcorn.
  • Sweet Caroline’s: If you have a sweet tooth, Sweet Caroline’s offers funnel cakes coated in powdered sugar.

Shops & Gifts:

  • Frontier Trading Company: Enjoy this Western trading atmosphere and pick up some apparel, old-fashioned gifts, candy, plushies, and jewelry!
  • Trappers Trading Post: Find plenty of toys, plush, accessories, and other Frontier City themed gear. Next article.



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