The seventh largest city in Oklahoma according to the 2020 U.S. Census (population 62,793), Moore is located between Oklahoma City to the north and Norman, famed as the site of the University of Oklahoma, to the south.


Moore by name goes back to 1889, when a post office was established during the famous Oklahoma Land Run. A local railroad employee named Al Moore lived in a boxcar there and painted his name on its side. The original postmaster called the town there Moore even though history indicates the original name was Verbeck.


The climate around Moore is typical of the Southern Great Plains. Considered a humid subtropical climate, the region experiences hot, humid summers and cold winters with occasions of heavy snow. Consistent winds in this hilly region help alleviate the summer heat.


Moore is also in America’s Tornado Alley and has been struck by tornadoes several times. The most recent strike was in 2015, with the most recent severe tornado in 2013.


One of Moore’s landmarks is Veterans Memorial Park, dedicated to the honor of veterans and their families. Its most remarkable feature is a 15’ black obelisk with an inscription honoring those veterans and their families. The tornado of 2013 destroyed the park, but when Coca-Cola sponsored a contest to recognize “America’s Favorite Park,” Veterans Memorial Park won, and the $100,000 grant that came with first prize went to reconstruction of the park, which is open again today.



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