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Decorative Film and Custom Graphics

Decorative Film and Custom Graphics

Adding decorative elements to the front windows of your business has become a regular and expected part of business adverting. Whether notifying potential customers of sales or special events, you can rely on Perfect Reflections Window Film to apply Custom Graphics to your windows.

There are probably too many ways to use Decorative Film and Custom Graphics for anyone to exhaustively describe. When carefully chosen to match the look and style of your business, they can enhance any space and for any purpose. Go with a bold design in the very middle to draw people’s attention, or try something more subtle at the edges and corners of a window.

Custom Graphics can be almost any image you imagine, with a wide range of colors and styles. They can even be made to let in more or less light as desired. Imagine your business logo splashed across a large window, or any photo made semi-transparent. You can find hundreds of ways with Custom Graphics to advertise your brand and mission.

Custom Graphics

Decorative Film can be used to cover just a small section or the entire window. You could hide your ordinary parking lot by turning large windows into a beautiful mural of landscapes, popular places or people. And this kind of film still lets in plenty of light, plus is easy to replace if you want a change of scenery or design.


Consider the potential for added privacy from a “frosted glass” Decorative Film. Soon your interior glass panels will give the feeling of a closed room, and with one of our many patterns you can add a simple and elegant theme. Or you can cover the exterior-facing windows of restrooms, back offices and storage areas. Building need to have windows, but sometimes there’s good reasons to keep people from seeing through them.

If you have a row of refrigerators in the back of your store, consider using a dot-pattern or gradient Decorative Film to tell shoppers what’s inside each section from a distance. Then when they get close, they’ll be able to see through the transparent film and decide what exactly they want before opening the door.

A perforated film with a bright design on one side can be almost fully transparent on the other, creating a one-way glass effect. This works great along high-traffic streets where you don’t want everyone walking or driving by to look inside but you do want them to look at your business.

Other Benefits of Decorative Commercial Films

Don’t forget the other benefits of Decorative Films. Did someone paint offensive grafitti over your film-covered window? Instead of taking hours to clean off the mess, you could simply replace the film. Do you want to block harmful UV rays from the interior of your store? Create a more comfortable environment and prevent sun bleaching with tinted film.

When sending us the designs for your Decorative Film and Custom Graphics, just make sure the files are sent at full scale or at the correct proportions and resolutions. We can use any 4-color CMYK format or custom hex values. Remember that light and other external factors can change how graphics look, so ask us if you have any questions about picking the right colors for your project.

Looking for Dependable Decorative Commercial Films?

Contact us at Perfect Reflections Window Film and ask about our many types of Decorative Film and Custom Graphics available for your commercial business. Our professional installers are ready to add bright color and memorable images to your windows, bringing in more customers at a great price. Call us soon for a free quote!

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