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Commercial Solar Control Film

Commercial Solar Control Film

A great window will give you great insulation, protect you from sunlight, and allow you to enjoy the pleasant views from your office. However, the average window will not sufficiently protect you from UV rays, mitigate glares, or keep the excess heat from affecting you and your employees. For these purposes, you’ll need solar control window film.

Window film filters the light spectrum, which in turn minimizes the light which is allowed through the window, causing most of it to bounce off into the street and away from your employees. Solar window film has a multitude of benefits, including greater efficiency, comfort, and protection.

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Keep It Comfortable

One of the most perpetually aggravating but under thought of elements in your office is heating. During the summer, and even the spring and fall, the sun can cause horrible discomfort for your employees, distracting from their work and causing everything to be done slower and more irritably.

The sun is a harsh mistress, and even cooler, cloudy days can cause discomfort if your building faces the sun just so. There are also several hours everyday that can spell heat and exhaustion for your employees. Solar film can mitigate the amount of sunlight your employees have to deal with, keeping everybody cool, comfortable, and efficient.

Save On Energy with Solar Control Film

When the sun can’t penetrate your office windows, your office stays cooler. When your office stays cooler, your A/C doesn’t have to work overtime all day. This in turn can save you hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of dollars per year on energy costs.

It also helps your building conserve energy, which is great for the environment and your employees’ peace of mind. There are many ways to cut corners in order to save on cost but buying and using solar film is one of the easiest and most practical. The energy and money saved will mean the film pays for itself within the year.

Protect Your Employees With Solar Control Window Film

Many people don’t get out much anymore, which means they may think of all sun exposure as good exposure. This actually isn’t the case; the sun has highly volatile UV rays that can cause a number of problems, including skin cancer. Solar film applied to windows will filter out the harmful UV rays found in sunlight, offering greater protection for you and your employees.

This could actually pay off through the betterment of lives and less stress down the road. Many solar film installs are so effective that they actually block 99% of all UV rays from coming through the windows their applied to. This will protect both your employees and your interior space from damage; don’t worry about fading walls or paintings anymore.

Acquire Peace of Mind Through The Strength and Privacy of Solar Control Window Film

Finally, solar control film will give you greater privacy and your windows greater strength. The film is flexible and can be installed in as little time as a day, but it offers a surprisingly robust defense against petty robberies. It will also shield your employees from prying eyes during all times of the day.

If your office is in a not-so-great part of town, and even if it’s in a clean, safe, secure area, window film will offer an additional layer of protection and security to your assets. Don’t let prying eyes derail your company; buy a window film installation to offer a wide range of protection, peace of mind, and immense savings to you and your employees’ lives. It’s a simple but effective step to better your business.

Perfect Reflections Window Film for Commercial Solar Control Window Film

If you want great solar film installed at any commercial venue, Perfect Reflections is the final word on the product and process. We can offer a wide selection of window films and ensure that they’re properly and safely installed at any commercial location. There’s never been a better time to buy solar film for your office or commercial venue, and Perfect Reflections has the expertise, experience, and history of quality that you need to trust in a job well done.

Looking for Dependable Commercial Solar Control Window Film?

Contact us at Perfect Reflections Window Film and ask about our many types of Solar Control Window Film available for your commercial businesses. Our professional installers are ready to energy saving solar control window film to your windows at a great price. Call us soon for a free quote!

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