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Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial Window Tinting

If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution for many of the common problems facing landlords and building owners, a window tint or window film is the product you’re looking for. If you’re worried about high energy costs, hot spots, eye-irritating glare, fading of furnishings, lack of privacy or other security concerns, window tinting and window film can help mitigate all of these problems, as well as adding to the visual appeal of your property.

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We have a wide range of professional window tinting products, from tints that reduce glare without obstructing the view to decorative vinyl films that can add a visual appeal or support your branding efforts. Our products are affordable, durable, and energy-efficient, whether you’re looking to enhance an existing property or are building something new from the ground up.

Our professional consultants can help you choose the perfect window tinting solution that meets your needs and your budget, while our professional installation teams are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction with the final product. 

Ceramic Tint

Ceramic tint is the perfect solution if you don’t want to change how your windows look but need to reduce glare, prevent furniture fading, and reduce the heat coming through your windows. This tint has the same low-reflective qualities as glass, so you won’t have to obstruct any views in order to claim the benefits of tinted windows. A ceramic tint will help make your interior spaces more comfortable and energy efficient without incurring the high-cost of replacing windows.

Our ceramic window tint products start at $12sqft.

Reflective Tint

Our reflective tint products enhance privacy, while reducing glare and UV-rays and the associated heat. These mirror-like tints provide the greatest degree of privacy while providing all of the energy-efficiency benefits associated with window films and tints.

Our reflective tints are the most affordable window tinting solution starting at $8sqft.

Decorative Tint and Films

Decorative tint and films are among the most popular of our window tinting products. These are the traditional products you think of when you think of business window tinting. From a decorative frosted look to custom vinyl designs, these decorative products enhance the visual appeal of your interior spaces while providing a higher level of privacy to your tenants and employees. This is a quick and affordable way to update the look of your space or refresh the space for a new tenant.

Our decorative tint and film products start at $20sqft for frost and can run up to $30sqft for a custom, vinyl graphic.

Chromatic Tint

The same chromatic tint technology that makes transitional glasses lenses possible is now available for your business’s windows. This advanced window tinting product has a reflective, UV-blocking appearance during the day while at night, it transitions to a clear, transparent appearance, almost as if there was no tint at all. Chromatic tints help minimize distracting glare while blocking UV rays and still providing high visibility in the dark.

Chromatic tinting starts at $125sqft.

The Best Window Tint Options For Your Business

We’re excited to work with you on determining which of these window tinting products will serve your business best, while staying on budget. We pride ourselves on providing the best window tinting products and installation services around. Get in touch today to see how we can help you lower your energy costs, enhance your property’s appearance, and keep your employees and tenants happy.

To help you with your budgeting, we require a $150 minimum on homes or businesses.

Looking for Dependable Commercial Window Film?

Contact us at Perfect Reflections Window Film and ask about our many types of Commercial Window Film available for your business. Our professional installers are ready to assist you with choosing the perfect film to help achieve your goals at a great price. Call us soon for a free quote!

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