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Boat Detailing

Boat Detailing

If you have a boat that you use often, you may want to look into detailing. Dirty boats are unsightly and can cause problems for you on the ocean if they’re sufficiently dirty. A good detailing will clean the boat, make it sparkle, and ensure the dirt and grime of frequent riding doesn’t interfere with its operation during trips.

Take control of your boat and give it a nice, smooth shine that denotes the passion, ingenuity, and respect you have for the vast ocean. Perfect Reflections has the expertise and experience necessary to clean off any gunk or grime and have you back on the ocean in no time; our quality is our guarantee, every time.

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Bring Your Boat in Today For Detailing

You can clean and detail your own boat, but why not trust the experts? Detailing boats in a thorough and professional manner can take hours, and it’s tedious more often than not. We don’t mind the process (it’s what we live for) but you might, which is why you should leave it to us.

We’ll do all of the detailing, cleaning, scrubbing, and shining so that your boat is in perfect condition when it’s returned. We can detail a boat that’s already in the water or you can leave it on a trailer – the choice is up to you. You’ll be free to come and go as you please, going about your own schedule as we take good care of your most precious, fragile asset.

Quality Boat Detailing Is Everything

At Perfect Reflections, we pride ourselves on the thorough, expert job we do here. We’ll handle your boat as if it were our own, giving it a perfect scrub and detailing job. We’re efficient and flexible, working within your hours and giving you regular cleanings at intervals that work best for you.

We can also give your boat an annual waxing to ensure it shines at all times of the day and year. We’ll give you an honest quote and assess what the absolute best way to clean and detail your beauty is, no matter the cost or timeframe. We can also work around your schedule to give you the perfect detailing the way you want it.

The Ease and Craft of Professional Boat Detailing

Cleaning and detailing aren’t the only benefits Perfect Reflections offers. We can give you the best boat covers on the market, helping to protect your cargo and guests, as well as your boat itself during off times. You can create easy and seamless invoices on our website to keep your life running smoothly and without distraction.

Our team will take care of everything, giving you a quick and painless process from beginning to end. We accept payments of all kinds, from credit cards and debit cards to checks, PayPal, and Zelle. Whatever is easiest for you is what we accept, no questions asked.

The Perfect Reflections Boat Detailing Bonus

We offer solutions for all of your detailing needs. The first is eighteen dollars per foot, the second is thirty-five. Both of these options come with a deep cleaning and thorough, detailed wash. We also offer ceramic system X, to give your boat an extra layer of thick and protective safety.

This is an automotive paint used specifically to treat and protect machines like boats, cars, and trucks. It’s a harder outer layer of protection to ensure your paint is not touched, no matter the conditions. It will also give you extreme peace of mind because your boat will never be more protected and scratch resistant.


Our basic Boat Detailing Package
$ 18 FOOT
  • Washed
  • Deep Cleaned


Our Most Popular Package
$ 35 FOOT
  • Washed
  • Deep Cleaned


Our Premier Package
$ 85 FOOT
  • Everything In #2
  • System X Ceramic Lifetime

Looking for Dependable Boat Detailing?

Contact us at Perfect Reflections Window Film and ask about our Boat Detailing Services. Our professional detailers are ready to make your boat beautiful at a great price. Call us soon for a free quote!

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