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Automotive Window Tint: It’s Not Just For Looks

6 Ways Automotive Window Tint Improves Safety

Perfect Reflections Window Tint for vehicle windshields has one main goal – to cut down on the light entering a driver’s cabin. This can include almost all of the sun’s harmful UV rays and much of the infrared rays, while leaving you with plenty of visible light to see the road and other cars. In fact, drivers behind a sheet of window tint can be much safer than others for these reasons and more. Learn more.

Automotive Window Tint Benefits

Cuts Down On Glare

The primary benefit of window film remains cutting down on glare, but from what? The sun, of course. Think back to all of those occasions when you’ve been driving at that one unfortunate time of day where the sun is right in your eyes. How much could you see? Did you try to block the sun with your hand, or pull down that annoying to manage flap directly above the wheel? Everything you did reduced your visibility only slightly less (or perhaps even more) than the sun, yet the sun hurts enough that you have to try and block it. With window tint, the sun will be just a big light in the sky, no more painful to have on the periphery of your attention that a bright light bulb. Of course, don’t use window tinting as an excuse to stare directly at the sun, but … you might be safe?

Filters Out Infrared Light

You might be safe because window tinting also filters out a large amount of the infrared light that can actually damage your eyes. Again, don’t look directly at the sun, but window tinting does help. Think about all the damage you might be doing to your eyes if your regular commute is during that time of day where the sun is low and right there in front of you. Window tinting for your vehicle will protect you from that actual damage to your eyes, and damaged eyes could make future driving impossible. Learn more about Window Tint here.

Blocks UV Radiation

Along with filtering infrared, window tinting also blocks out as much as 99% of UV radiation from the sun. You know how you get sunburns at the beach if you don’t put on sun lotion? The UV protection from window tinting is like putting on the thickest coating of perfect sun lotion, enough that you probably can’t even get a tan. If you’ve even gotten a sunburn while just sitting in your enclosed vehicle cabin in traffic under the hot sun, window tinting for your automotive could have helped.

Lessens Occurance Of Headaches

Did you know that one of the major triggers for a rough migraine headache is the sun? So it turns out that while cutting down and filtering out sunlight to just what you need for visibility, window tinting has the added reward of helping you experience less headaches or else preventing a headache you already had from getting worse. And how do you drive with a bad headache? Perhaps more recklessly, or with less attention paid to the road? Window tinting can save you from a headache and make your driving experience happier and safer. More.

Blocks The Halo Effect

You might be worried that window tinting could make driving at night more dangerous, but again you are safer because the tinting blocks the halo effect. Consider how at night the brightest street lamps, the many glowing signs and the headlights of oncoming traffic send out halo-like rays. These are the source of glare and might temporarily blind you, cause blurry vision, activate your instincts to look away, or make depth perception harder to tell at a distance. And as you get older, you can even become more sensitive to these big changes in light level. When drivers of any age can’t focus on the road, they are more likely to swerve or not see sudden obstacles.  But again, like with the sun, window tinting can reduce that annoying glare and leave you better able to focus so you don’t get in an accident when someone in front of you suddenly turns on their brights.

Protects Against Window Damage

Finally, one little-known side effect of window tint is that the tinted film across the window also acts as basically a barrier against damage. Pebbles kicked up by the truck in front of you might put a crack into a normal window, but bounce off the many microscopic layers of a tinted window. And consider that the window tint film covers the entire surface in a thin, tough coat. If your vehicle should ever suffer an accident strong enough to splinter or shatter your window, cracks might form within the layers, but that film can hold the entire windshield together as best as it can. That saves you and your passengers from those dangerous flying shards of glass that might get into your eyes.

A few drivers will tell you a window tint for their vehicle would harm their visibility and make them less safe drivers. But those who already have this film installed know better – window tinting for a vehicle cuts down on the glare from the sun or from bright lights, protects you personally from other physical effects of sunlight, and helps stop your window from shattering in case of a serious accident.

Need any more convincing? Consider that thousands of automotive crashes occur every year, with the cause listed as being sun glare. Or what about how cars with tinting are more private, preventing everyone driving by from looking in and seeing you while you’re tired and on your way to or from work. Maybe you would simply like how your car looks with those modern dark tinted windows? Additional information here.

Contact us at Perfect Reflections Window Film and ask about the varieties of Window Tinting available for your automotive windows. Our professional installers are ready to add this safety-conscious addition to any compatible vehicle, bringing a layer of comfort and functionality at a great price. Call us soon for a free quote!

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