14 Questions To Consider When Shopping For Window Tint

14 Questions To Consider When Shopping For Window Tint

Perfect Reflections Window Tint apply window tinting for many reasons. This product is a sort of thin, plastic-like cover that goes over the inside or outside of your window. Most building owners, both residential and commercial, use window tint for curb appeal, energy savings, shading and more. Before seeking out window tint for yourself, consider these questions.

Questions To Ask Before You Install Window Tint

1) Do you want more UV protection?

This is the major goal of window tinting, and has many benefits. Window tint can block up to 99% of the UV radiation in sunlight, which is what gives people melanoma or other skin cancers. You can get a sunburn indoors standing beside a clear window just as you can at the beach, but window tint filters out UV and can do so without making your indoor experience much darker.

2) Do you want to prevent sun bleaching?

Over a long time spent under sunlight, things tend to lose their color and fade, looking older and more worn in a process known as sun bleaching. By filtering sunlight, window tint also guards the goods near the windows of your business, or the carpet, furniture, paint and possessions in your home. Read more here.

3) Do you want energy savings at an affordable price?

Window tint can also block out a large amount of the heat energy from the sun which goes through clear glass. This means your building will be cooler and more comfortable in the hottest seasons, so you won’t need to use expensive air conditioning as often. Also the window tint can hold in heat that’s already indoors from escaping through the windows, keeping your building warmer in the colder season and reducing the cost of heating.

4) Do you want less glare on screens?

If desired, window tint can be made to block, reflect or even divert some of the outside visible light, even without changing your view of the outdoors. The visible light might be filtered or even redirected up to the ceiling. As a result of this, less light will be bouncing off our many screen displays and into our eyes, in other words causing that annoying glare and lowering productivity. But unlike UV radiation and heat energy, visible light is often more appreciated by us and so this dimming is more optional.

5) Do you want a higher curb appeal?

A window tint is one of the many modern technologies that add value to a business or home’s windows. People buying a property often consider what the building looks like to others arriving or passing by outside. Even if you aren’t currently planning to sell, installing a window tint now can be an investment for when you eventually do sell. Click here to learn more.

6) Do you want a sophisticated indoor appearance?

There are many varieties of window tint that can add a subtle tone or color to the inside. From metallics like silver and bronze, to bolder colors like ruby or aquamarine, you can personalize the look of your home to suit your tastes.

7) Do you want greater privacy?

Large windows give everyone walking by a clear look inside, which might be good for window shopping but isn’t always appreciated for homes or the windows at the back of a business. Window tint makes your home or business harder to see into from the outside, including some tints that give a mirror-like reflective finish without changing your view from inside.

8) Do you want better security?

To be honest, window tint cannot stop a determined invader from getting through your windows. But the thin cover over the window can help the glass stay together if someone attempts to break through, which might slow them down enough so that they reconsider an attempted smash and grab. More importantly, because window tint can obscure the indoors from the outside, burglars may see fewer reasons to break in at all.

9) Do you want a mix of these benefits?

Many window tints are made with the purpose of targeting several of the above needs together, and their ability to do so depends on the materials and thickness of the window tint. Thicker window tint can be more secure if someone tries to break through, but will absorb less heat energy. Tints with a more aesthetic or decorative focus are often less effective at the more practical needs. Ask your installers about which window tint is best for what you want to achieve.

10) Do you want just a temporary window tint?

Most window tints are applied to be permanent, and some need to be, but temporary homeowners or renters can get tints that are easy to later remove and clean off. This is also a great option if you’re not sure yet about window tint and want to simply try them for a short time.

11) Do your windows already have built-in solar protection?

Many newer windows come with a low-emissivity coating – a thin metal-oxide layer – that does some of the same things as window tinting, meaning there will be little or no benefit of adding window tinting.

12) Will you need to maintain your window tint?

There are many varieties of window tint, so the answer will depend on what you get. But most of the thinner window tints resist water and can rebuff scratches.

13) Does a window tint affect the warranty for your windows?

Window tints are classified as modifying the window and some can affect glass durability You should check whether the makers of your windows allow tinting to be applied, because in some case this will invalidate a warranty.

14) Who can be relied upon to install window tint?

If applied by an inexperienced crew, you could end up with more problems as your window tint fails or comes off. Find workers who have shown they can do the job well with good reviews and a great reputation.

Is Window Tint Right For You?

Contact us at Perfect Reflections Window Film and ask about the many varieties of Window Tinting available for your home or business. Our professional installers are ready to add this modern touch to any building, bringing a layer of comfort and functionality at a great price. Call us soon for a free quote!

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